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Biscuit production line 500 kg / h
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Introduced automatic compact biscuit production line - modern equipment of "ROSTEHNO" company.  Conveyor biscuit production line includes the processes of kneading, pressing andforming, adding ingredients, baking, cooling and packing. byreplacement of mold and formulations can be used to obtain a...
Group: Equipment for the production of cookies
Equipment for the production of pellets
In stock 
Group: Equipment for the production of pellets
Lines for production of gypsum cardboard
In stock 
You can order Lines for production of gypsum cardboard having called by phone or having sent the message. If you order Lines for production of gypsum cardboard today and you will call or write the code word [ALBIZ] - receive a discount of 10% Lines for production of gypsum cardboard from...
Group: Equipment for manufacturing gypsum-pasteboard
Equipment for processing tires in crumbs
In stock 
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Group: Motor vehicle tire processing equipment
Drying tunnel
In stock 
Drying tunnel for continuous drying of the product has the ability to adjust five zones of the heating temperature. Adjusting the speed of movement of the product.
Group: Gas tonnel furnaces
Equipment for the production of facade thermopanels
In stock 
Automated production line facade panels automated line for manufacturing with high productivity and quality of the finished products. The standard technological process includes the preparation of pulp, the creation of a solution, the actual molding of the panels, the heat treatment of the...
Group: Lines and production complexes for facade panels
Lines of production of fiberglass and basalt (composite) reinforcement
In stock 
Enterprise "Rostehno Engineering" producesproduction line of fiberglass and basalt rebarand distributes equipment on favorable terms and good price. Also, the company often holds promotions and special offers that allow our clients to have additional opportunities. production line comprises the...
Group: Equipment for production of reinforcement
Food processing equipment
In stock 
fill out the form RFP technological equipment Development technological equipment - a set of machines and mechanisms, designed to address specific production problems in one way or another industry. It includes a whole range of aggregates, including industrial machines, forklifts, IT systems and...
Group: Food processsing industry equipment
Automated juice bottling lines
In stock 
Automated bottling juices Automated line for bottling juices are used for packing various kinds of juices in cardboard or glass containers. Depending on the type of equipment and the packaging format, they can produce from 2 to 12 thousand bottles/packs per hour. Standard features...
Group: Lines of bottling beverages and food liquids
Portal for plasma cutting with cnc
In stock 
Key features - Lightweight and durable portal for smooth, no-slip movement of the cutting head;- Two-way drive based on AC stepper motors with 3-phase power supply with reduced noise level;- Automatic height adjustment of the cutting head on the basis of the stepping drive;- CNC system with...
Group: Air - plasma are sharp metals devices
Butter Plant 440 liters per hour
In stock 
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Group: Equipment for vegetable oil crops processing
Production line of vegetable oil 2 t/h
In stock 
fill out the form RFPFORM TECHNICAL TASK COMPLETE Components: cleaning unit 1 unit 827E4 85448C62E5EB98DBF4DA8800CF7 Node razmolki 1 unit Press Spin^ ^ 2 unitsA621DD1FB9F313A95D8CB 8C4AB036F7A sump pump 1 unit heating furnace oil 8B51AAE60B9DA9383D56 78CC788DC52B 1...
Group: Equipment for the production of vegetable oil
Tomato processing line 150 kg per hour
In stock 
FILL IN THE FORM OF TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Semi-automatic line.   1) loading of fresh vegetables, in the bunker with water for rinsing the automatic mode. 2) Feed washed vegetables on an inspection conveyor with rinsing. 3) automatic feeding clean vegetables in a chopper. 4)...
Group: Equipment for processing vegetables
Capacitor filling line 500 pcs / min
In stock 
fill out the form RFP automatic casting line with a controlled dosage of ingredients on the casting head 10.Equipment composition:1) assembly orientation and feeding2) moving the assembly3) pouring assembly - 10 bits4) blending components Node5) a dosage unit - two rotary pump with electronically...
Group: Automatic filling and packing line
Drum croup
In stock 
Drum croup - for making uniform cereals with sharp edges from oats, barley, rye and wheat with a very small cutoff. ■ High performance ■ The new design - a knife basket without wedges ■ Quick blade changes ■ Longer operatingknives ■ Without backing wedges ■ More uniform grain cross-sectional...
Group: Grain grinders


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